Become better, become unstoppable !

What we offer

Functional Fitness

Functional movements at intensity relative to YOU is the key to success. We work with each person to make sure proper form and technique come first.

Personal Training

If you prefer the personal approach to training one-on-one with a trainer we do that too!

Nutrition Guidance

Whether you need help shedding some weight or dialing in your food to boost performance.... we're here to help.


Every gym claims to have a great community of members, they probably do.  At INTRVL ATHLETICS we are different because we guarantee the service we provide to you.  That’s right, we GUARANTEE that you will be satisfied with the level of service we provide to you.  If you aren’t satisfied just let us know and we’ll fix the issue or give your money back!

  • Dynamic Programming
  • Variety of Classes
  • Effective Coaching
  • Ultimately.. WE CARE!

What Some Members are Saying...